Employment Opportunity D.M. White Architecture Inc.

Considering a change? So are we!

We are seeking an experienced architect to help shoulder our growing workload.

Our Fredericton office is currently comprised of 1 architect-owner, 1 manager, 2 technologists and 1 part-time intern architect.  We are client-focused and service-oriented, with a mixture of private sector and public customers.

In a demanding and often complicated field, we strive to provide clients with the clarity they need to make sound design decisions.  Our overall operating stance is one of goodwill with a focus on collaboration, cooperation and effective communication.  Using this model as the foundation of our operations, it is our intent to provide the best possible design solutions while keeping schedule and cost in check.

If this type of working environment appeals to you, we are seeking the following qualities in our new team member:

  • A great all-rounder who can manage clients, time, budgets, drawings and specifications.
  • Knowledge of applicable New Brunswick codes and standards.
  • Require minimal train-in time to start contributing.
  • Strong Canadian technical knowledge.
  • Strong detailing ability.
  • Strong construction document knowledge.
  • Ability to listen intuitively and communicate effectively.

In general, a successful candidate will possess the ability to draw together all the fragments of thought into a coherent whole as well as the design ‘X’ factor – the ability to imagine a design that surpasses expectations both visually and practically.

At D.M. White Architecture Inc., we seek to produce a quality product and service that we can all take pride in while enjoying the process as team members who all contribute to the larger vision!

If you wish to continue the conversation in confidence, please contact us at the following:

Tamara White, Manager

Email: tamara@dmwhite.ca

Telephone: (506) 447- 8774

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