Name: Neil Bauman

Firm: Canadian Red Cross

How long have you been in business? Registered in 2013, graduated 1996

What’s a recent project you worked on in New Brunswick? New Brunswick Floods

Why do you love being an architect? Communities and neighbourhoods are fascinating, and I enjoy studying the complex relationships between architecture, culture, and economy.

What piece of New Brunswick architecture inspires you and why? Saint John’s Prince William Street and Douglas Avenue are brilliant case studies of some of the fantastic architectural heritage that the city and province have to offer.

What’s a “must see” piece of architecture in New Brunswick? I have always loved the Old Post Office Building in Saint John, one of the first public buildings to be erected after the great fire of 1877.

What piece of advice would you offer to someone considering architecture as a career? Architects develop a very broad range of technical, artistic, and communication skill sets and there are many non-traditional career paths where an architectural education can help take you.