Name: Rémi Rousselle

Firm: CLADinc.

How long have you been in business? Since January 2016.

What’s a recent project you worked on in New Brunswick? Library in Petit-Rocher

Why do you love being an architect? Educating people on the history of buildings in our province and inspiring others with new ideas. Finally, I really love the idea that we are making a positive difference in our rural/urban communities in New Brunswick.

What piece of New Brunswick architecture inspires you and why? A Fisherman’s shed (Acadian Coast or Fundy Coast). Some of them respect the surrounding environment and it’s minimally grafted to the raw landscape, bare functionality before aesthetic and adapt as time continue from generations to generations.

What’s a “must see” piece of architecture in New Brunswick? Historic building – Fort Beauséjour in Aulac / Modern Architecture – Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts in Sackville. 

 What piece of advice would you offer to someone considering architecture as a career? Be curious, be yourself, be authentic in your work and be patient for the next coming years… Also, fix yourself with life goals and go for it!