The Program

What’s New?

We are now in Cycle Nine of our mandatory continuing education program. For this two-year Cycle (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020), members are required to obtain 25 CORE HOURS of learning and 45 SELF-DIRECTED hours of learning. Please continue to record your continuing activities on the web site. As administrator when I search for your compliance, I will enter the Cycle dates and it will advise me of the sessions you completed within the time frame.

Here are the changes to the program that you need to know

  1. Members are required to achieve 70 hours of learning:
    • 25 CORE learning hours; and
    • 45 Self-Directed learning hours
  2. Members are required to report all activities, both CORE and Self-Directed, to their Web based Continuing Education transcript. The AANB is no longer recording educational activities on AANB members’ transcripts.
  3. A Continuing Education transcript audit will commence at the close of Cycle Nine – June 30, 2020. For the purposes of the transcript audit, the AANB member shall maintain the supporting documentation for all educational activities completed during the Cycle for a period of two years after the end of the Cycle. Members shall submit such documentation to the AANB only upon request.
  4. Members have the option to seek recognition or equivalency for learning activities completed during the Continuing Educational Cycle.

If the learning activity focuses on one of the CORE topics established by the AANB and a member would like to assess it for CORE eligibility, the Member Request for Equivalency Form should be submitted to the AANB for consideration.

Reporting Period for current Cycle Nine is July 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2020

Originally the Continuing Education Program was comprised of two components:

  • Professional Renewal learning
  • Self-Directed learning.

In 2005 the Provincial and Territorial Associations of Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada adopted a series of principles regarding Continuing Education. As a result, the AANB Continuing Education Program has undergone changes to better align itself with other Continuing Education programs across the country. The new Program includes two levels of continuing education activities which will now be known as:

  • CORE Learning
  • Self-Directed Learning

Participant Role and Opportunities

  • Choose the specific areas of interest that will help you achieve your professional development goals;
  • Check under CORE and Self-Directed Opportunities links and review upcoming opportunities;
  • Participate in valuable, interesting opportunities;
  • Track your participation in events and opportunities throughout the cycle.
  • Keep a list of the continuing education activities as you complete them.
  • AANB will review CORE opportunities biennially to identify emerging needs. Suggestions for CORE learning can be forwarded to the AANB for consideration.